Some may see it as just another month. Some may see as just another change in calendar timing.But I see it as a special month. Welcome to February,the month of my birth! đŸ™ŒđŸŸThe month where it was orchestrated that I become a part and parcel of this life on Earth after being conceived months back 🌏. Aren’t you grateful that you are still here? Count it all joy!

As we go through 28 wonderful days,I’d like to pray with you:
May my Father above fill your mouth with laughter just as He has filled mine…

May He come through for You where the world thought it was over for you…

May He wipe away those secret tears and take away the shame,guilt and fear.

May people gather to celebrate you…

Blessings overload and favour for you and yours…

May just one Word from His nostrils break through the darkness…

May The Lord do great things for you…
Psalm 126

Embrace God’s love for you!

With Love,

Allumes Le Feu (Fire Up -French)


Bienvenue en 2018!

Bienvenue dans cette nouvelle annĂ©e! Une annĂ©e symbolique oĂč nous sommes entrain de prendre beaucoup de rĂ©solutions sans cesse. Des dĂ©cisions qui des fois, franchement parlant, sont vite oubliĂ©es et ne sont pas souvent rĂ©alisĂ©es!

J’espĂšre que cette annĂ©e a trĂšs bien commencĂ©e pour toi. Je peux dire que la mienne a bien commencĂ©e, malgrĂ© le fait que la grippe qui m’a frappĂ©e juste au seuil de 2018, avait comme l’impression de vouloir voler ma joie de vivre!

Je suis dans la joie et toute excitĂ©e quand je pense Ă  toutes les percĂ©es incroyables qui se rĂ©aliseront dans notre vie cette annĂ©e. C’est ce que je crois et souhaite pour toi et moi.

Crois et espĂšres que quoi qu’il arrive, tu prendras le vol et monteras aussi haut que l’aigle. Rien ne sera sur ton chemin pour t’arrĂȘter, Ă  moins que tu dĂ©cides toi-mĂȘme d’abandonner. â˜ș

Comme nous entamons le premier mois de cette toute nouvelle année, rappelles-toi de ces quelques dictons de sagesse.

Laisses-les te mettre le feu afin que ta flamme de succÚs reste continuellement allumée:

* Rappelles-toi que tu peux ĂȘtre celui oĂč celle qui a le meilleur ou les meilleurs dons, Ă  la maison, dans le lieu du travail, dans les affaires et dans tout ce que tu entreprendras de faire. L’annĂ©e 2018 est une nouvelle annĂ©e avec beaucoup de pages vides. Écris ton histoire et fais en sorte qu’elle compte.

* Les défis viennent pour nous édifier et nous tailler pour que nous puissions devenir des champions que nous sommes. Alors, ne les évites pas quand ils viennent frapper à ta porte.

* Laisses les Ă©preuves te tester, c’est alors que tu dĂ©couvriras la force qui est au-dedans de toi. Cette force intĂ©rieure te permettra de rester ferme et de poursuivre tes rĂȘves et de ne pas abandonner la course.

* Ne perds pas le sommeil Ă  cause de ce que les gens disent, font ou pensent de toi. Tant qu’il y a la vie, quelqu’un aura toujours un mot Ă  dire sur toi. Trop de faux meilleurs amis dans ce monde! 😂 Évidemment, ils ont droit Ă  leur opinion. Souvent, ce que les gens disent ou pensent de toi est simplement un reflet de leurs propres luttes intĂ©rieures.

Ton Ă©nergie devrait ĂȘtre dirigĂ©e vers des choses qui ajoutent une valeur spirituelle, Ă©motionnelle ou physique dans ta vie. Concentres-toi plutĂŽt sur ce qui t’édifie.

* Pour maintenir une bonne santĂ© mentale, permets aux gens qui choisissent de quitter ta vie, de partir. C’est bien connu que les personnes viennent dans notre vie pour un temps, un but ou une saison. Nous devons accepter qu’il y a celles qui seront simplement de passage et ne resteront pas dans notre vie pour toujours. C’est ça la rĂ©alitĂ©. Le plus tĂŽt tu rĂ©aliseras et accepteras ce fait, le mieux pour toi.

* Travailles, Travailles, Travailles! Cherches Ă  dĂ©couvrir ton but et ta passion. Poursuis ton rĂȘve et ta vision. Établis des objectifs qui sont rĂ©alistes et fais de sorte que tu les atteignes.
Les obstacles se dresseront devant toi, les tempĂȘtes frapperont, les mauvais vents souffleront, mais dĂ©cides de ne jamais te dĂ©courager.

* Gardes ton coeur! Je ne peux jamais insister assez sur ce conseil. Gardes prĂ©cieusement ton cƓur, car lĂ , s’y trouve ce qui concerne ta vie. Fais de sorte que tu n’exposes pas ton cƓur Ă  toute chose ou Ă  toute personne qui frappe Ă  ta porte. Sois sage dans ton choix.

Je prie et espĂšre sincĂšrement que ces petites paroles de sagesse qui viennent tout droit de mon cƓur, relĂšveront ton moral en ce jour et t’aideront Ă  voir la vie dans une perspective diffĂ©rente.

Tu es un héros, une icÎne! Le monde attend ton dévoilement. Allumes le Feu, Champion! Tu es gagnant(e)! Nous sommes des gagnants!

Je te souhaite une belle et heureuse année 2018!

Avec amour et bénédictions,
Adja Amy

Proofreading and editing by my beautiful Aunty Monique T❀

Fire Up!

Welcome to the year 2018! Welcome to another new year,symbolic with people making never-ending resolutions that honestly speaking do not always see the light of day!

I hope your year has begun in great style . I can attest that mine has,even thought the ongoing flu tried to get the best of me walking in into a new year.

I am leaping with joy and excitement in anticipation of all the amazing breakthroughs that lie ahead of you and I in this year. I believe for myself and for yourself and you should do the same.

Believe and hope that come what may,you are going to soar as high as the eagle that you are. There is no stopping you unless you decide to do yourself the pleasure .â˜ș

As you delve into each month ,please be reminded of these few wisdom sayings . Let them fire you up so that your flame of success will continually be alight !

  • Be reminded that you can be the best in your gifting (s) ,your home,workplace,business and in whatever you set your hand to do.It is a fresh new year with so many pages to be written on. Write your story and make it count.
  •  Challenges come to build us up and mould us into the champions that we are. So don’t escape them when they come knocking.    
                              Allow your waters to be tested and you would come to realise how strong a person you are. That will build your strength muscle and resilience hence making you better at not giving up on yourself in life.
  •  Do not lose sleep over what people say,do or think about you. As long as life is,some nay-sayer would always have a pinch of salt to spread about you . Too many salt baes around !😂 They are entitled to their opinion. And most often,what people say about you is simply a reflection of their own inner struggles.

Your energy should be expended on things that are of spiritual and emotional value to you . Things that build you up should be your focus and priority.

  • For the sake of sanity , if people chose to leave your life ,please allow them. It is widely said that people come into our lives for a purpose ,time and season. Not everyone is going to stay in our lives till death do us part . The earlier you acknowledge that and believe that that is reality,the better for you.
  •  Work,work,work. Discover your purpose,your passions. Have a dream ,a vision. Set realistic and timely goals and work at achieving them .

Hurdles will stand in your face,the storms will hit,the winds will blow ,but do not allow these to deter you from being all you were created to be .

  •  Guard your heart! I can never emphasise this enough. Genuinely guard your heart for out of it the Word says are the ‘issues of your life’. You would sure be better off not exposing your heart to everything or everyone that knocks at your door. Be wise in your choosing.

I sincerely pray and hope that these little wisdom nuggets from my heart boost your moral on this day and help you see life in a different perspective .

You are a hero ,an icon and the world is awaiting your unveiling of greatness .Fire up champ!!!! You are a winner!We are winners!

Wishing you a beautiful and happy 2018!

With Love and Blessings ,
Adja Amy


Seek To Know

Here I am, (as I write this)walking from the train station to work. I came across something that sent my mind on a roller coaster. 😊… I see lessons in everything and everything that I come across.

I began to think 💭: With life comes changes and experience. The more we grow,the more we learn .There are things I know now that I did not know then. There are things I do not know now that I would know tomorrow and thereafter.

There have been situations ,mistakes I did not deal with accordingly as a result of little or lack of knowledge of the matter.

There are goals I am yet to achieve because I did not know enough or how to go about them.

But as I grow with time and experiences,I grow wiser… Wiser by the day.

Today,I want to encourage us to embrace our life experiences and learn from them… Seek to know more. Seek Wisdom. Seek knowledge. Seek understanding.

Seek to know more in the area of your calling . Seek to know more in the area of your gifting.Seek to know more beyond what you already know. Seek to know more beyond your calling and gifting. Like Bob Marley popularly sang:’Emancipate yourself from mental slavery’ and I add ,’learn’. Learn,learn,learn. Do not allow age to be the limit to your learning.Seek to know more.

So here stops my thoughts for today as I’m now at work,ready for another time of learning ,reflecting and practicing the lessons learnt…

Have a beautiful day.

Love and Blessings,
Adja Amy

Simply Love You

Growing up as an adolescent,I was not really into makeup and wigs.It was not until I was 23 that I started paying attention to make up but not in an extreme way. Even as I write this ,I’m still not obsessed with makeup. As long as my skin is clean and I look decent,I’m good to go.This,sadly,is not the reality for many girls,young and older women.The world we live in has taught and is teaching girls and women that you need to look a certain way to be cool. You need to look like Jenny on the front cover of ‘La Paparazzi'(is there a magazine with this name?Lol) to feel that you ‘belong’.

We  have heard stories of young women who have committed suicide because they felt they were not ‘pretty enough’. We hear of women who have so bleached their skins to the point of no return to their original state,their original colour. I strongly believe everyone of us ,male or female have been uniquely created and must embrace who we are,flaws and all.

So to you my lady reading this,I say: No make up, no tinted brows ,no extended eyelashes, wobbly tummy,no tummy,big boobs,small boobs,big calves,no calves,short hair,long hair,thin,fat, short,tall, simply love the YOU God has created.

No matter what any man thinks about how you look ,remember none of these things can offer you eternal gratification. Why then  worry so much about what ‘they say’ when it has so little relevance?

By all means look good. By all means make changes where necessary;after all,our body is a temple loaned to us and we must tend to it like a garden.However,I admonish us to invest more on our inner man; at the end of the day,that is all that truly matters.

To you that man pushing your woman to look all that she’s not,please consider your ways. Build her esteem instead of tearing her apart.

Have an awesome day. I will do the same. Bless,

Adja Amy  ❀

Look Up!

I always get asked why I’m ‘always’ smiling or laughing. Hmm, it’s not because I don’t have stuff I’m dealing with. It’s not because my life never experiences challenges. It’s not because it’s all good all the time. It’s simply because I try as much as possible not to wear whatever bothers me on my face for the whole world to see.

Now, I don’t mask my pain(it’s a horrible thing to do to you).I talk to those I’m moved to share my heart with. I talk to those I believe would speak the truth in love to me. But then, I don’t go around wearing sadness all over me. I choose to look up. I choose to look up and smile. I choose to look up and remind myself that things can change. Things would not always be the same.

Be encouraged today.

Look up,irrespective of whatever is wearing you down. Look up, in spite of what’s keeping you wide awake at night. Look up, even though everywhere is dark and it feels like there would never be room for any light to pierce through your darkness.

Look up. Look up in faith. Look up to the One from whom your help comes from;The Father.

Look up!

Love and Blessings,

Adja Amy.