Have Faith…Be Intentional…Be Disciplined… Be Relentless…

One day, the world will wake up and hear of your greatness!Even if you started from the bottom, don’t intend to stay there! Be relentless about achieving your purpose! There’s more to you than what you, they see right now! In the process….challenges will come, you may have to do some odd jobs to, “keepContinue reading “Have Faith…Be Intentional…Be Disciplined… Be Relentless…”

Dear Black Brethren

Dear Black Brethren, As we fight for the cause Black Lives Matter, let’s also remember to truly love our black brethren. It’s high time to stop putting each other down because one is succeeding… To stop framing one because you want their job… To stop bad-mouthing others because they are progressing… To stop hating yourContinue reading “Dear Black Brethren”

Fear not…Be Still…

Nations are mourning, cities on lockdown, people running helter skelter on panic-mode and in hopes of survival, dead bodies laid in hospitals, churches and mortuaries. Simply put, life as it was is no longer the same. The emergence of the corona virus, also known as COVID-19 has severely impacted not just the health of ofContinue reading “Fear not…Be Still…”

Envy is a disease

Envy is an evil disease. When you see your neighbour prospering, embrace their success. Before they arrived at their current destination, they perhaps had to make unimaginable sacrifices. They probably cried a million unknown tears. They even may have had scars embedded within their soul on the course of the journey. You just may neverContinue reading “Envy is a disease”