I was excited travelling through Turkey . On my departure from Istanbul’s beautiful, big airport,I met two elderly ladies who didn’t know their left from their right . They asked for help but could only speak French creole. Being a French speaker,I managed to make sense of what they were trying to say.Thankfully ,they were headed my way, which was 25 minutes walk from where we were.They tagged along until we got to the elevator pictured above.

Now,here,I was torn between just walking away as I was running really late or still having these ladies with me. I chose to stay and led the way. when all of a sudden,I heard loud screams behind me! I looked back and there,they were, both my ladies fallen off on the escalator! It was horrible as I had to go all the way up to be able to go back down and up again to offer a hand, as there was no help in sight. Thankfully ,we made it to the top ,thanks to help from a passerby.

The eldest of the ladies was distressed and in tears . I was broken seeing her in that state and I couldn’t just leave like that . I had to reassure her that she was okay and that I was going to look for help.
I wandered around and everybody was like ‘no speak english’! How frustrating! Eventually, I met a guy who spoke Turkish and English and he helped me find help! Ouff, I was relieved that finally I could leave without the guilt of not having helped. I was glad to have helped even though I got to my gate when boarding was closing 😰🙈Lol. But, favour found me and I boarded safe!

Now,you see,I could have just told these ladies that, ‘ I’m a stranger here and I don’t know my way either’. But I didn’t ,because I still had to find my own way ,anyway!I did not have to help, but I did.

There are times when we would be faced with the opportunity to help others even when we don’t have to . What would you do if you’re faced with such at the expense of missing or losing out on something ?

Love and blessings
Adja Amy


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