La Tour Eiffel … Last year,today,I garnered the courage and made it to the 2nd floor of this magnificent architectural edifice, bearing in mind that the only height I can withstand is the sky ,in an aeroplane! Lol…It took a lot for me to actually go past the 1st floor,thanks to fear.
Having now defeated the fear of the 1st and 2nd, my goal is to now climb to the summit and laugh fear in the face!!🙈 Yes fear! It’s such an enemy of breakthroughs,progress,achievements and more!

Fear,I’ve realised keeps us from achieving so much! Fear ensnares us in a cage we do not realise we are in.Fear imprisons.What if?What if?What if? What if will always show it’s face when you’re ready to win but, would you allow it hold you back or would you go out there and be a conqueror?!🙏

PS:If you are not afraid of heights and happen to visit Paris ,you can get to the summit for a breathtaking view of the city! From floor 2,I can say it’s absolutely amazing!!! Now ,FloorAAFA9B28-D58E-4DFD-AD7C-B76833CB3405.jpeg 3!!! 😊


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