Look to What Is Ahead

Many times, we stay stuck on what was ,who we were, what we had and forget that there is a tomorrow we ought to live for. Life will throw so many stones at you, but you and I have to make up our mind to get up and walk again,not looking behind, unless necessary . Just as we are admonished in Phillipians 3:13, let us forget the past and look forward to what lies ahead.

Des fois, dans la vie, nous restons coincés sur ce qui était, qui nous étions, ce que nous avions et oublions qu’il y a un lendemain pour lequel nous devrions vivre. La vie te jettera tant de pierres, mais nous devons décider de nous lever, de marcher de nouveau et de ne pas regarder en arrière, sauf si nécessaire.
Phillipiens 3: 13 ” Non, frères et sœurs, pour moi je n’estime pas avoir saisi le prix. Mais je fais une seule chose: oubliant ce qui est derrière moi, et tendant de toute mon énergie vers ce qui est devant moi’.


Published by Adja Amy

Saved By Grace.I believe in the quote : ‘’Keep encouraging because your words may be the only pillars of strength for someone who is pulling themselves up to stand again and lean on”-Unknown Seasoned Radio Content Creator ,Creative Writer and Voice Over professional for commercials,jingles for TV and Radio. Produces and hosts weekly entertainment and informative radio program ‘Reach Out’,broadcasting in the UK and US. Radio Schedule: Prayz.In Radio UK Thursdays 9pm/ Fridays 12pm GMT/BST(during summer) www.prayz.in Station available on the TuneInRadio App. The PG Network US Monday to Thursday 11pm EST www.thepgnetwork.org. Also available on the TuneIn App/iTunes Radio Blog : www.adjaamy.wordpress.com Freelance translator,specialised in French to English Translation and interpretation. Disclaimer:All writings on this blog are my intellectual properties. Plagiarism or Unauthorised use in any form is prohibited. ©2019

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