Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord even when the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. He was exempted! Singled out!

As I studied and meditated through the book of Genesis, this particular verse(6)in chapter 6 struck a cord. I believe God is reminding us that, regardless of the hardness around us and in the world; in spite of the fact that men constantly fall short of His glory, His love for us and those after His heart never changes. He is always faithful to favour us. He says:’My Spirit shall not strive with man forever’. He understands perfectly well that we are but flesh!

As we walk right before Him, He will pick us from the crowd and preserve us from the ‘flood’. He will bless us along with everything that is ours.

Even when we stray and go to and fro like the ‘raven’; if we go out of His will and like the dove find ‘no resting place for the sole of our feet’, God will still gives us the opportunity to go back into the ‘ark’ where there’s safety (Gen 8).He would put out His hand, take us, and draw us into the ark to Himself.

I felt such a strong need to share this. I’m so grateful to God that His grace is available for you and I.

From an ignorant, shy muslim girl, I’m glad through grace He found and saved me. He’s made 1 Peter 2:9 my reality. That’s the reason I passionately desire to use every gift to share His love. This just shows how excited I get when God opens the eyes of my understanding so I may know Him, experience His unconditional love the more.I hope this encourages and blesses you.

Bask in the freedom of God because all we need is YHWH!

May the kind of grace,favour and mercy Noah found single you and I out as we gradually enter into another glorious month.

Have a beautiful,blessed day.

Lové and Blessings
Adja Amy ☺…


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