Some may see it as just another month. Some may see as just another change in calendar timing.But I see it as a special month. Welcome to February,the month of my birth! 🙌🏾The month where it was orchestrated that I become a part and parcel of this life on Earth after being conceived months back 🌏. Aren’t you grateful that you are still here? Count it all joy!

As we go through 28 wonderful days,I’d like to pray with you:
May my Father above fill your mouth with laughter just as He has filled mine…

May He come through for You where the world thought it was over for you…

May He wipe away those secret tears and take away the shame,guilt and fear.

May people gather to celebrate you…

Blessings overload and favour for you and yours…

May just one Word from His nostrils break through the darkness…

May The Lord do great things for you…
Psalm 126

Embrace God’s love for you!

With Love,


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