Welcome to the year 2018! Welcome to another new year,symbolic with people making never-ending resolutions that honestly speaking do not always see the light of day!

I hope your year has begun in great style . I can attest that mine has,even thought the ongoing flu tried to get the best of me walking in into a new year.

I am leaping with joy and excitement in anticipation of all the amazing breakthroughs that lie ahead of you and I in this year. I believe for myself and for yourself and you should do the same.

Believe and hope that come what may,you are going to soar as high as the eagle that you are. There is no stopping you unless you decide to do yourself the pleasure .☺️

As you delve into each month ,please be reminded of these few wisdom sayings . Let them fire you up so that your flame of success will continually be alight !

  • Be reminded that you can be the best in your gifting (s) ,your home,workplace,business and in whatever you set your hand to do.It is a fresh new year with so many pages to be written on. Write your story and make it count.
  •  Challenges come to build us up and mould us into the champions that we are. So don’t escape them when they come knocking.    
                              Allow your waters to be tested and you would come to realise how strong a person you are. That will build your strength muscle and resilience hence making you better at not giving up on yourself in life.
  •  Do not lose sleep over what people say,do or think about you. As long as life is,some nay-sayer would always have a pinch of salt to spread about you . Too many salt baes around !😂 They are entitled to their opinion. And most often,what people say about you is simply a reflection of their own inner struggles.

Your energy should be expended on things that are of spiritual and emotional value to you . Things that build you up should be your focus and priority.

  • For the sake of sanity , if people chose to leave your life ,please allow them. It is widely said that people come into our lives for a purpose ,time and season. Not everyone is going to stay in our lives till death do us part . The earlier you acknowledge that and believe that that is reality,the better for you.
  •  Work,work,work. Discover your purpose,your passions. Have a dream ,a vision. Set realistic and timely goals and work at achieving them .

Hurdles will stand in your face,the storms will hit,the winds will blow ,but do not allow these to deter you from being all you were created to be .

  •  Guard your heart! I can never emphasise this enough. Genuinely guard your heart for out of it the Word says are the ‘issues of your life’. You would sure be better off not exposing your heart to everything or everyone that knocks at your door. Be wise in your choosing.

I sincerely pray and hope that these little wisdom nuggets from my heart boost your moral on this day and help you see life in a different perspective .

You are a hero ,an icon and the world is awaiting your unveiling of greatness .Fire up champ!!!! You are a winner!We are winners!

Wishing you a beautiful and happy 2018!

With Love and Blessings ,
Adja Amy



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