Here I am, (as I write this)walking from the train station to work. I came across something that sent my mind on a roller coaster. 😊… I see lessons in everything and everything that I come across.

I began to think 💭: With life comes changes and experience. The more we grow,the more we learn .There are things I know now that I did not know then. There are things I do not know now that I would know tomorrow and thereafter.

There have been situations ,mistakes I did not deal with accordingly as a result of little or lack of knowledge of the matter.

There are goals I am yet to achieve because I did not know enough or how to go about them.

But as I grow with time and experiences,I grow wiser… Wiser by the day.

Today,I want to encourage us to embrace our life experiences and learn from them… Seek to know more. Seek Wisdom. Seek knowledge. Seek understanding.

Seek to know more in the area of your calling . Seek to know more in the area of your gifting.Seek to know more beyond what you already know. Seek to know more beyond your calling and gifting. Like Bob Marley popularly sang:’Emancipate yourself from mental slavery’ and I add ,’learn’. Learn,learn,learn. Do not allow age to be the limit to your learning.Seek to know more.

So here stops my thoughts for today as I’m now at work,ready for another time of learning ,reflecting and practicing the lessons learnt…

Have a beautiful day.

Love and Blessings,
Adja Amy


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