Growing up as an adolescent,I was not really into makeup and wigs.It was not until I was 23 that I started paying attention to make up but not in an extreme way. Even as I write this ,I’m still not obsessed with makeup. As long as my skin is clean and I look decent,I’m good to go.This,sadly,is not the reality for many girls,young and older women.The world we live in has taught and is teaching girls and women that you need to look a certain way to be cool. You need to look like Jenny on the front cover of ‘La Paparazzi'(is there a magazine with this name?Lol) to feel that you ‘belong’.

We  have heard stories of young women who have committed suicide because they felt they were not ‘pretty enough’. We hear of women who have so bleached their skins to the point of no return to their original state,their original colour. I strongly believe everyone of us ,male or female have been uniquely created and must embrace who we are,flaws and all.

So to you my lady reading this,I say: No make up, no tinted brows ,no extended eyelashes, wobbly tummy,no tummy,big boobs,small boobs,big calves,no calves,short hair,long hair,thin,fat, short,tall, simply love the YOU God has created.

No matter what any man thinks about how you look ,remember none of these things can offer you eternal gratification. Why then  worry so much about what ‘they say’ when it has so little relevance?

By all means look good. By all means make changes where necessary;after all,our body is a temple loaned to us and we must tend to it like a garden.However,I admonish us to invest more on our inner man; at the end of the day,that is all that truly matters.

To you that man pushing your woman to look all that she’s not,please consider your ways. Build her esteem instead of tearing her apart.

Have an awesome day. I will do the same. Bless,

Adja Amy  ❤️


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