I always get asked why I’m ‘always’ smiling or laughing. Hmm, it’s not because I don’t have stuff I’m dealing with. It’s not because my life never experiences challenges. It’s not because it’s all good all the time. It’s simply because I try as much as possible not to wear whatever bothers me on my face for the whole world to see.

Now, I don’t mask my pain(it’s a horrible thing to do to you).I talk to those I’m moved to share my heart with. I talk to those I believe would speak the truth in love to me. But then, I don’t go around wearing sadness all over me. I choose to look up. I choose to look up and smile. I choose to look up and remind myself that things can change. Things would not always be the same.

Be encouraged today.

Look up,irrespective of whatever is wearing you down. Look up, in spite of what’s keeping you wide awake at night. Look up, even though everywhere is dark and it feels like there would never be room for any light to pierce through your darkness.

Look up. Look up in faith. Look up to the One from whom your help comes from;The Father.

Look up!

Love and Blessings,

Adja Amy.


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