When I fall & lose touch with my soul ,when I think I’ll break & it’s the end of my life ,I know where to run to. I know who to turn to;to look to.

When everything goes berserk and the light of my life dims;when all I’ve toiled for makes no more sense,when the people I care for so much desert me,I know who to turn to,look to.I’ll look up to the One man who makes me stronger than I know I am because I wasn’t built to break.

When at that crossroad I stumble & fall, I’ll look to The One who fashioned & built me in a such a way that I can’t break. I’ll look to my Father-the One who loves me regardless.I’ll pick myself up & start all over again.When I…WOG


2 responses to “When I…”

  1. Timothy Oladipo Avatar

    Grateful to God for being our secret place to run to… where powers that be cannot reach us!

    Great and encouraging reminder Adja!

    1. Adja Amy Avatar

      Amen. Thanks Pst Tim. He is the best place to be found in…

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