Too Soon To Judge!


Once,I went on work-related training, and there was this lady who I thought was not so kind, unfriendly & too serious in the room. That was my perspective ,my opinion of someone I had just met for the first time.At the end,when we were signing the register,I saw her name and where she was working and I was like:My! I’m going to be working with this woman in a few months’! She was my future colleague 😱Lol.

Fast forward 7 months,I’ve come to realise that my opinion of her was so wrong.She actually is a lovely,honest and funny young lady who makes me laugh and laugh.

That experience taught me so much about myself and how I relate with others.

You see, many times,we get carried away by our first impressions,opinions about someone and we fail to see the good in them .

What if we gave ourselves a chance to know them better before judging their person? The world would be a better place then ,wouldn’t it?Unless it’s a job interview where your judgement is based on what you see there and then,why don’t we give ourselves a chance to really know people before we think ill of them?

Not everybody is readily open to receiving others into their space;it takes time for some people!!

PS: I repented,lol.And I told her about how I felt about her on that first day I saw her.She laughed.We laughed…And now we’re so cool with each other!

Hope you learn a lesson or two from my experience.


Adja Amy 😘


Published by Adja Amy

Saved By Grace.I believe in the quote : ‘’Keep encouraging because your words may be the only pillars of strength for someone who is pulling themselves up to stand again and lean on”-Unknown Seasoned Radio Content Creator ,Creative Writer and Voice Over professional for commercials,jingles for TV and Radio. Produces and hosts weekly entertainment and informative radio program ‘Reach Out’,broadcasting in the UK and US. Radio Schedule: Prayz.In Radio UK Thursdays 9pm/ Fridays 12pm GMT/BST(during summer) Station available on the TuneInRadio App. The PG Network US Monday to Thursday 11pm EST Also available on the TuneIn App/iTunes Radio Blog : Freelance translator,specialised in French to English Translation and interpretation. Disclaimer:All writings on this blog are my intellectual properties. Plagiarism or Unauthorised use in any form is prohibited. ©2019

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