Once upon a time,my washing machine broke down unexpectedly and I decided to visit the launderette;my first time ever.Lol.

Whilst waiting for the wash-up,like always,my mind got to thinking.I logged in on Argos’ website in search of an air cooler.Browsing through,I found four products I really liked and it had some wonderful reviews from other users.Some of the reviews,however, were so awful.Unsure and full of doubt as to whether to spend over a £ 100,I thought of dropping the whole idea.

There and then,my thinking mind started to speak: this is what goes on with some of us on this journey of life. We meet people who each have different reviews or should I say opinions of who we are,what we can accomplish or how far we will go in life.You see,if you’re the kind of person who is always so emotional,these reviews or opinions can make or break you,even though they are just mere opinions.These can,in a way,affect you both positively or negatively.They can even hinder you from achieving purpose.

 Even though people would always have reviews or opinions about you,good or bad,it’s really up to us as a people to make athe choice:Do I base my future on these reviews?Do I move forward as a result of these reviews or do I just abandon everything because of the negative reviews?

It’s yours to chose to trust what God says about you or believe the lies of the evil one concerning your destiny.Mind you, he uses people like you and I to propagate his message.

Between,as much as I would have loved to buy some form of cooling machine,there wasn’t any review that inspired me.The good thing was that I didn’t give up the search.I pressed through until I got what I needed.
Press in.Don’t give up inspite of what they have said.Inspite of their reviews or opinions!

Love and Blessings,



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