The world has come up with so many cliches and beliefs.It is so evident in this generation that some of us so focus on and believe on these ‘man-made’ belief systems and regard them as the do or die truth of life.

The world says you’re 30 and unmarried,something must be very  wrong.You’re getting old and it’s harder to find a man or woman at your age.

The world says you’re nearing 40 with no child;menopause is upon you and you need to do something very fast.

The world says a man of your age is so weak and there’s no way children will come from your bosom.

The world says you’re a shepherd,how do you,for heaven’s sake,expect to flourish in a career or grow a business…

The world says you’re of a certain colour and it’s hard to achieve certain things in certain places.

The world say you can’t do this,you can’t do that because…

Now I ask you,the world says,fair enough!This may be a truth to the world,but what does God ‘THE TRUTH’ say about what the world says?

Sarah,David,Joseph,Abraham,Paul will help answer some of the lies we have so long believed.

The ways of God defy the ways,thoughts and intents of man.It even defies the laws of gravity.                            

Now,whose report will you believe? Selah.

Adja Amy



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