I’ve been listening to Congolese Music Minister,Dena Mwana’s latest album,’Nzambe Monene(Big God)’and I absolutely love it.One song struck a chord with me.When I heard the intro,I was like,’I know this song in English’.I was right;it was one of my favourites,’Love Lifted Me’.Such a beautiful interpretation which has quickly become a favourite as well.I just cannot wait to share this on radio.:)

I’ve been listening to the song countless times since Sunday,however,two lines of the lyrics have really stuck with me.I have been pondering a lot on these words:
‘Esika mokili etiki ngai,Yo nde mosungi na ngai’.
In English,I’ll simply say:’When no one else could help,you came and; rescued me’.
But then,if I had to put it verbatim,it will be:’Where the world has abandoned me,you are my saviour’.How true!
In life,we would not always have the backing of those around us,a Times,even of those who love us.Afterall,we are man and are not without faults.We are prone to fail our fellow man unlike God whose love lifts us up and rescues us.No wonder the Word tells us that,’the arm of flesh will fail us’.

Are you feeling like you are left to fight alone?Do you feel like those who love you have forsaken you?Fret not!Even when your father and mother forsake you,God will never.His promise is:’I will never leave nor forsake you’.

I would like to encourage you using this song that has blessed me so.Do not worry about who is helping you or not.Trust and believe that God’s love will lift you up when no one is there for you.Trust and believe that God will help you when your back is against the world.Trust and believe God that He will see you through even in the darkest tunnel.Trust and believe that God’s love will lift you up. When the world has abandoned you,He will come and save you.

If you haven’t heard the song Bolingo Na Yo(Love Lifted Me),run to all digital music stores and get both versions.I assure you that you will be blessed!

Adja Amy.


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