If you know me well,you will know I love music.I could spend hours searching for music that inspires, encourages,but above all music that ushers in the presence of God. As a radio broadcaster,it’s also a call of duty to stay abreast with music.

On one of my searches,I came accross a song that has deeply touched my soul.The song talks about how God sees us through all challenges and causes us to win.

The more I listened to the song, the more revelation I received.I’m actually listening to this beautiful song at the time of writing.

You see,everything God does,He does it well.He knows our end from the beginning.He knows everything we go through.In fact, he allows us go through seasons of life;albeit,some not so pleasant.

Remember Job?He lost everything! He came out of his ‘abundant place’,went through some hard times but God brought him out of ‘abundant’ and into ‘more than abundant’.Imagine if he had cowered up and gave up?

How about brother Joseph;does he ring a bell?Brother Joseph was brought out of his father’s house as a result of jealousy from his brothers.He went through pain,shame,betrayal ,dissapointment,was left in a pit,sold into slavery,falsely accused,left to perish in prison and more;but God had a ‘to’ in mind all along.If you read the account in Genesis 37 and the subsequent chapters,you’ll see that I ain’t telling no tales.

God who was able to do these for both Job and Joseph and many others we read of,can and will do it for you.He has not changed. He is the same;the one who was,who is and is to come.He is no respecter of persons.He cares about us so much.He will help you.He will cause you to triumph.

Today, I would like you to remember that God brings us OUT OF,allows us go THROUGH so we can get TO.
Whatever the issue,have faith that He will bring you out,through and into your to.You simply need to be still and know He is God.



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