Is there anyone who loves Telenovelas like I do?Telenovelas are Mexican soaps, if you’ve never heard the word.I am a great fan,especially of those dubbed in French- it brings out all the passion of the actors.And you know French is such a lover’s language😘.Yeah, yeah, I’m a lover,a great one!😂

So, I was catching up on ‘Le Triomphe de L’Amour’,one of my favourite Telenovelas on one of my most watched French channels.The first scene in the movie opened up with a play of the events leading up to the crucifixion of Christ,the Messiah.That is:Judah’s betrayal;the chief priests’ accusal of Christ;him being bound and led away by the chief priests to be delivered to Pontious Pilate,the governor;and Pilate, Jesus,the crowd and Barrabas.Please read Mathew 27 for a better understanding of what I’m on about .

What struck a cord to me is when Barrabas was brought in the presence of Pontius Pilate and before Christ and the crowd. Pilate sure did not want blood in his hands so he threw up a public vote. So when they had gathered, Pilate said to them, “Whom do you want me to release for you: Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Christ?”A few shouted Jesus, others loudly screamed ‘Barrabas’.They chose Barrabas over Christ,the one who came to save humanity.King of the Jews.

Following all this,Christ was taken up to Golgotha to be crucified.Even though they thought they had done away with Him at last,that was just the icing on the cake.The beginning of redemption.

If you study the word, you’ll know that Christ was crucified but he rose again even though Pilate’s people tried to set watch over his tomb because he had promised he will rise again,3 days later.He did and he’s now seated at the right hand side of the Father making supplication for us.Amazing!They chose Barrabas over him but that did not deter the will of the Father.

Have you ever been in a place where you have felt they chose Barrabas over you? Have you been in a place where you thought,’that’s it,there’s no hope for me’?  Well,the great news is that even if you have been,there’s absolutely no man or circumstances that can thwart the will of God for your life.Your purpose ,your destiny is orchestrated by the Father.No man on earth can change that.They can try to derail you and delay you,they can even try to stop you but only God has the final say.

Today I would like to encourage you,us. Even if they have chosen Barrabas over you,and have pushed you to death,rejoice for what is ahead of you is greater than what is behind you.

Be still and know God is God. He will not allow your purpose to be defeated.Your destiny is before you.Beauty will arise from your ashes.They may have chosen Barrabas,but you will emerge a victor!


©Adja Amy.




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