In my school days,there were people chosen as prefects to be leaders amongst students.
Out of those prefects,a headgirl or headboy was chosen amongst those who made it to the 12th grade.
But you see, I was never a prefect in my school days.But,in my last year of high school,I was made HEADGIRL,out of all the great and intelligent folks that were also in the same year.

As I’d said earlier,usually a headgirl or boy was taken from the set of prefects,but it wasn’t so in my case. They jumped me over!

Why am I saying this : There are times when God will surpass the laws of men to exalt you… Even the most established of laws.

So ,why not cast all those worries to him? Why not let go of the burden and allow Him deal your case ?
He’s able to surpass the laws of men for your sake.He’s able to go beyond the laws of man…

Let go of your concerns. He’s able! More than able… Be still and know He is God.

Ps 46:10


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