I was surfing the internet and I came across a wide piece of land for sale. It looked rough; with grass all over the ground. Initially, I thought to myself: ‘this is going to cost so much to clear up and start the building process. But then, I also visualised the beautiful house that could be built upon that same land if time, labour and resources were invested in it.  As it stood there plain and unkempt, the land still had great potential to develop.


If you know me, you will observe that I love looking at life and the circumstances I face from different perspectives.  I love breaking out of established patterns of thinking and looking at things creatively. In a different way.


Now back to the land story. Looking at the picture, I imagined myself as a piece of land with great potential to grow and become better. But then, it occurred to me that growth is not an overnight magical wish. Neither does it happen by one doing nothing. There would be need for investment of time and resources, clearing and cleaning up, going through the process of building (laying foundations, joining brick by brick, the finishing, etc.) in order for that once plain land to boast of a beautiful building.


 Many a times, people see us and undermine us because our land looks plain and there is no much beauty on it. All they see is thorns, grass, dust and filth .To them, it would be their best interest to keep away because they consider such land a waste. These are the ones we meet on this journey who would rather not stand with us during our baby steps. Our crawling and leaping moments. They are those who want to be identified with us only when the house is solidly built.


Then, there are also those who see the land, appreciate its hidden beauty, invest in it and commit to see to it that a beautiful house, a home is built upon the very same land others will dare not. These are the ones who push us to move from our comfort zone to a place of growth. These are the one who crawl, leap, walk, run and jump with us.


In life, we all will come across those who will invest in our land and those that will despise our land. We must therefore learn to recognise and distinguish the both if we must succeed. 

For those not willing to have dealings with us when our land is plain, I personally believe we are best away from. And for those who see the beauty of that land even in it’s plain state, well, let’s cherish them every step of the way. For what they see is not just a piece of land,but a great destiny.





2 responses to “A Piece of Land…”

  1. Oscar Avatar

    Now this is timely! God isn’t so keen about the end product but the due process! The product of a thing is the glory of it, the process is the working!
    Just like the bare field, everybody someway or the other have disturbances and trash but what we see is the potential to sprout forth a flower!
    Diamonds are not found in the finest of places……….
    Whatever turbulence and drought we face in our lives just as the field, lets always remember that GOD Himself Worked the Garden (Gen 2:8)

  2. Ngidim Avatar

    Yes, the ones that despise the land are greatly and equally needed and we need to constantly hear their criticism….which boast up out resolve to prove them wrong: Most of the time because of the desire to prove them wrong we end up succeeding beyond our own expectation….they play a part in the building of the beautiful edifice that we desire. We definitely should not allow them to influence us negative or stop but rather use their perspective of us as stepping stones. (experience thought me this)

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