Lessons of Life

Hello friend,

It’s been a minute since I have come your way. I thought I’d leave a few with you as we enter a new season of life.

I’ll be sharing some of the lessons life has taught me over the year with the hope that you don’t make some mistakes I have made or just learn a thing or two that might be of help to you on this journey!

* Procrastination feeds failure. Do what you must do now and get it out of the way. #Don’t report to later what you can do now. Tomorrow’s not a guarantee.

*In life, you have to fight! Cowardice doesn’t open doors. A strong-willed spirit does. #Be gutsy.

*Don’t let anyone take advantage of you! Adhere strongly to your principles even in the midst of challenging decisions. #Make decisions from your spirit and guard your heart.

#Everyday day we wake is another privilege to make a great day. It may not always be our way but there’s joy in standing firm in the midst of tough waters. #Be bold; be strong for the Lord God’s hand is reaching out to you.

*Pleasure is momentary. The aftermath of negative pleasure births long lasting pain. #Invest in the right things at the right time.

*There are times you must love someone enough to leave them, for their good. Not everyone is an asset to your destiny; some are an impediment to your progress. #Don’t hold unto an unnecessary liability.

*If your character sucks, even the friendliest, warmest and nicest person will flee from you. Truth is, as we are, there is just as much as we can take.#Integrity is important.

*Not every word, action or inaction deserves a response. Sometimes it pays more to shhh! #Keep quiet.

*We all have a right to respond or not to respond to certain matters. Don’t crucify another if they don’t respond when and how you want. You have no idea what is going on in their life. #People have a reason for not doing what you expect them too and they have no need of explaining themselves all the time.

*A person who cannot love you because of your limitations or weakness is not worth your life. #Love endures.

*In a multitude of many words, transgression is not lacking. It’s not always necessary to make your voice heard. Prudence calls for a restrained lip.# Silence sometimes speaks better.

*You can’t just say anything, anyhow, anytime to anyone. #Life and death are in the power of what we say.

*Be very careful who you call friend. # Not every friend has your interest at heart.

*Love suffers long .However, no person should allow himself to be used and abused. Abuse, Manipulation or Control is evil! #Be sober. Be vigilant. You could lose your life in the name of love, marriage or submission to authority.

*Just when you think you cannot love again, love will come knocking at your door. Don’t give up on love because one person has hurt you .#Let go and love again.

*The more you relate with some people, the more you realise they should not be a part of your life. The more you relate with some people, the more you realise you should not be a part of their life.Time unveils the unknown. Not everybody should be your friend. #Be wise with your friendships.

*There is a clear difference between ‘judging’ and ‘speaking the truth in love’ .To judge is not to speak the truth in love. To speak the truth in love is not to judge. #It is our duty to discern which we will embrace.


*Don’t be afraid to start from somewhere as little as it may seem now. #The start may be small but you will eventually grow if you are willing and committed.

*You are still alive because there is so much with your name on it. Don’t let any man hold you down. #Break out of people-opinion and reach for the stars.

*You may have been disappointed, cast out, rejected or had your innocence stolen but you are still alive. That simply means everything is not stolen. There is still hope. Rise from the dust and crawl, leap, and jump again. Nothing is impossible.#Make the best life.

*The process of healing is not a one time event. Some heal quicker than others.#
God can heal even when you think your soul is beyond healing.

*Regardless of what you say/do or don’t say or do, someone will always find fault in you. Someone will always hate on you. #But you know what, as long as your conviction is right and your deeds honest, you have nothing to worry about!Go for your dream!

*Peace begins in the heart. So does conflict.# Choose which you will allow.

*God will save and help you just in time.#Patience has many rewards.

Love and Shalom


One response to “Lessons of life”

  1. Bess Obarotimi Avatar

    Nice one Adja. On a personla note, i noticed that I procastinate because of fear. Fear that doing something may reveal something I won’t like, might waste my time, will take me away from doing something more enjoyable or feear that it may be more complicated than i would like. Being organised is such a refreshing light feeling. If we were to remember how great it feels to be organised, we might use this to get over whatever makes us procastinate.

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