Lose Yourself!

Welcome to the ‘love month’ -my month! Whoohoo, I’m so blessed! 🙂

Long after the New Year hype and vibe is over and done with, what have you made of the past days? Incredible how the days are quietly blown away like cool breeze isn’t it? Be honest with yourself and cast your mind back.What have you accomplished so far no matter how little it has been? A giant leap begins with a single step,remember.Were there goals you were meant to achieve and did ,did half-way or didn’t at all? Your gift,talents and skills are wealth entrusted to you.They are not for keeps.Did you tap into and make use of them or have you buried them like the ungrateful servant? (You are accountable to the Master and shortly, he will return and settle accounts with us Mat 25:14-18).

Have you been talking and doing nothing? Hard work always pays off; mere talk puts no bread on the table.Prov 14:23(MSG)Who have you served and how? Have you been a helping hand or a pain in the neck? Has love and charity been part of your days or you just could not be bothered?
Is emotional baggage stealing away your best and what you can birth? Is yesterday’s burden still fresh even in this new and refreshing season?

Evaluation is essential in measuring everyday progress .It helps you lose and separate yourself from things that don’t matter any longer. It’s always wise to:look back at the things you did well and appreciate yourself. This will keep you motivated, zealous and burning hard.Pinpoint the areas you did fairly, poorly or failed at and work at improving the.Use wisdom to sieve the good away from the bad of your experiences.Learn and apply your new found knowledge. (Experience is the best teacher they say. But I ask: can you learn from an experience you have not derivedany lesson from? If after having failed you still go back to do the same thingsthat caused the failure, how then has the previous experience been your teacher?) Think about that!

If there’s one thing I will admonish you to do this month and every coming one is to, according to 1 Peter 5:7 cast all your anxiety on Him (God) because He cares for you. Draw forth lessons from your past experiences and use them to avoid another downfall. I have learnt from many of my experiences and that is why I have reasons not to walk certain paths. The righteous falls seven times,he shall rise again but hey, why wait for the seventh when you can avoid the second and third fall? Once bitten, twice shy.

Drop off the heavy load.It hinders and adds unnecessary weight on your shoulder. Moreover, it has the power to affect and cripple every area of your life. The ultimate end-a more strenuous journey. That energy could be put to better use.

Let go: even if they left to find love in another dude/dudette :-).By the way, we using some urban grammar here, lol.Let go off the pain of rejection after the long-awaited interview amounted to nothing. That disappointment because your business proposal is still at the comfort of your desk,let it go. Free yourself from the embarrassment even if everything you toiled for is gone into thin air. Let go! In life, things happen but you’ve got to quickly put yourself together. Live again for the sake of your sanity. There’s always grace to begin again. One end is just the beginning of another beginning.

Regardless of your circumstances, never forget GOD never DISAPPOINTS even when we think He has. What you consider disappointment can be His way of pulling you out from where you are to gradually usher you into the best He has ordained for you.The process is always painful but He’s an Amazing God who turns tears into a song of praise. He is the High Priest who knows everything.Don’t GIVE UP NOW!

Stop fighting everyone else because of what they done. Yes, they may have greatly contributed to how you feel but the fight is in your mind. Until we fight and win the battle within,the outside struggle would cause greater sorrow. You can’t determine their ACTION; you can’t stop folks talking, hating and slaying .You however have the power to control your REACTIONS.One great lesson I’ve learnt from life is that water that’s poured can’t be put back in its original container. So what’s the fuss really?

Again I say, Let it go.Lose yourself.Rid yourself of the heaviness, hatred, unforgiveness, bitterness, blame and all the toxicity. *Don’t let crazioactivity get the best of you lest you become crazyculous and end up in crazitude :-)*

‘Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted; One moment -would you capture it or just let it slip?’ You better lose yourself in the music, the moment you own it; you better never let it go. Lose yourself! (Eminem)

”Scientifically,the body knows why it needs EXCRETION.If you don’t get rid of unwanted substances in the digestive system,it will become bloated.And when it is bloated,one can’t help being uncomfortable.When one is uncomfortable and refuses to visit the rest room(let’s be real),he/she can’t stand still or do the things they ought to properly. (Now tell me eif if it’s not true.Lol) Lose yourself!”

©Adja A.R Dibassey 2011

Published by Adja Amy

Saved By Grace.I believe in the quote : ‘’Keep encouraging because your words may be the only pillars of strength for someone who is pulling themselves up to stand again and lean on”-Unknown Seasoned Radio Content Creator ,Creative Writer and Voice Over professional for commercials,jingles for TV and Radio. Produces and hosts weekly entertainment and informative radio program ‘Reach Out’,broadcasting in the UK and US. Radio Schedule: Prayz.In Radio UK Thursdays 9pm/ Fridays 12pm GMT/BST(during summer) www.prayz.in Station available on the TuneInRadio App. The PG Network US Monday to Thursday 11pm EST www.thepgnetwork.org. Also available on the TuneIn App/iTunes Radio Blog : www.adjaamy.wordpress.com Freelance translator,specialised in French to English Translation and interpretation. Disclaimer:All writings on this blog are my intellectual properties. Plagiarism or Unauthorised use in any form is prohibited. ©2019

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