“Excellence can be obtained if you…care more than others think is wise…risk more than others think is safe…dream more than others think is practical…expect more than others think is possible.”

The term business may send shivers down the spine of most people who dislike mathematics and tremble at the thought of buying and selling. Business,however,grows beyond mathematical figures.Now don’t be put off just because I mentioned the worst word in your dictionary,‘business’. I was so like you until I discovered that every man and woman is a business person. So please read on. 🙂

When you go for a job interview for instance, the prospective employer’s interest is that you sell yourelf and also demonstrate how much your skills will add to the role and the organisation as an entity.You must show to them that you can beat their expectations.That is business where you have the sole responsibility to package and sell yourself the excellent way.Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going. (Ecclesiastes 9:10 NKJV)

There are many types of businesses and services available for public consumption/use. From food and drinks,reading material, music, creative design to legal,accounting, janitorial services,etc,there is always a demand for supply. But sometimes, I am taken aback by the quality of certain products or services.Often, I am left to wonder what the owners of some products or services had in mind or if they even had a last look at the finished product.

Now, it is widely said not to judge a book by its cover.This is true to an extent. Just as most containers cannot tell you how the content in it tastes; in the same manner also,the content cannot be determined based on the container alone. In the world of business marketing however, I honestly believe the above cliché won’t work for the good of the investor. I’ve never been a business/marketing student but even as a novice in the subject, I can assure you presentation counts.The power to sell is greatly affected by what the eye sees or ear hears because most people are visual and dependent on hearsay.

There is little room for mediocrity in today’s world. If you must do it, excellence is the deal.There is none perfect but we can all try to do at every given opportunity. I recently attended a ‘Create a better you’ seminar (lifesolutionsweb.com) and I can say both the packaging and content were excellent. My first impression plus the knowledge acquired played a role in my decision to go to subsequent ones.

Think of Häagen-Dazs (a super premium ice cream).Because they know their product’s worth,they have great confidence that even at almost a fiver for a pot that will still keep you craving for more,it will sell.Their excellence in quality has singled them out.

~What message does my product/service send to the world?
~What first impression do people have of my product and or service?
~How would my product/service’s packaging affect its marketing suitability?
~Would it truly meet the needs of people or would it just be another commodity?
~Would there be more demand because of its quality and excellency ?

Don’t rush into doing things only because John is.I’m surrounded by great minds such Pst Matthew Ashimolowo,Charles Emeka (charlesemeka.com),Abraham Jones (lifesinglesnetwork.com) ,Nana Oguntola (vinasha.com)Kunlé Oyedeji (lifesolutionsweb.com),Alexander Victor (Altarsound),Onyi Anyado (B1Coaching.com), Pst Tim (http://www.envisioning.org/)Adeniyi Moses (http://www.mediadivinitydesign.com)to name a few.They are all such great examples of excellence with a godly touch.

If you are into or thinking of launching a product(s) and service(s);selling yourself to an employer or even going into a long term,meaningful relationship, I encourage you to:

~Spend time learning from others. Ask questions.Read and read. Push yourself to know more. There is something someone else knows that you do not so do yourself a favour.
~Single out their mistakes so you would not have to shed the same tears. What did they do right at the wrong time? What did they do wrong at the right time?Why did they do the right thing the wrong way?
~Strategise,plan and put in place steps that would lead you towards excellence.
~Seek wisdom.It’s the power that’ll bring you before greatness.(Proverbs 4:6-7, “Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.”)
~ Invest the appropriate time and capital an sharpen your gifts,skills. Do whatever it takes to make your product /service count.

Don’t use being spiritual as an excuse to act lackadaisically.Spirituality or godliness is not mediocrity. Don’t be too spiritual ,leaving out the practical aspect.Don’t be too practical and forget your godly roots either.Think wisely.Step up your game,Come up with something worth the energy you put into it.Don’t fret because many are doing what you do.Just dare to be different.God is a God of order;it will do you good to follow after him!

(This is a lesson for you and I.I am learning the way of excellence. It’s a gradual process. With grace,favour and a set mind, we’ll get there.)

‘’But my observation has been, certainly in …. business, you’ve got to give 110 percent.’’
Sam Donaldson

Adja Amy


4 responses to “Excellence Is The Deal!”

  1. Timothy Oladipo Avatar

    You are such a joy and inspiration Adja! Thanks for seeing me a one of the great minds you are sorrounded by.., this is humbling for me.

    May the Lord keep you focused and strong. The world is waiting for you…

  2. ministertjay Avatar

    Amen . Wonderful piece of writing Adja . God bless

    1. adjaamy Avatar

      thanks Minister Tjay.Bless you:-)

  3. adjaamy Avatar

    Amen Pst Tim!My pleasure,always.

    Minister TJay,thank you.Blessings!

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