There are many walking the surface of the earth with a bruised and wounded spirit;a broken heart,relationship or home; elusive dreams and a destiny almost forgotten. Every so often,most of us,like the many walking with their heads hunched and their hearts in the hunt for a loving touch endure a lot of trauma.Things do not always occur as earlier planned or even imagined.The loved one we trust end up being the one to damage our self-esteem and leave us broken and empty. Our intricate mind-made script do not always go in sequence with the roles of our everyday life. Our Cinderella, happily ever after story leaves us with nothing but much dissatisfaction.

There always will be moments of thrill and moments of soreness at every given point in life.There will be seasons of amusement and sometimes tears like a river will inundate the soul. There are periods we will weep and cry our hearts out and every night will appear dark, with no star in sight. This is the time the enemy will step in to pilfer, steal away our raison d‘etre,our hope. He is so cunning and he knows if he has got hold of our hope, he has us where he wants and there will be nothing left to live for. Now,we cannot confer to him the authority to turn us into a zilch,can we?

Trials will come knocking unexpectedly;they are just inevitable. Even the very good ones will go through unimaginable ache. Mistakes will be made and they may possibly resolve to unwise decisions which in turn, will open us up to dire consequences some of which, regrettably, we cannot run from but must face painfully.
Jesus said in John 16:33 that ’In the world you will have tribulations’ , but He also went further to set our mind at rest by reminding us to ‘be of good cheer’ for He has overcome the world.

You have to,at all times ,walk with an understanding that in this life, you will put up with a lot of things.Somethings will go astray.Some folks will depart.You will be unsuccessful in many ways not because you are awful but just because the Father deems it unfit for you in that season. In all this and in all you go through, I urge you to be courageous and walk with an audacious faith. They that are for you are more than they against you. You have got to have confidence in your Father’s judgement. If your earthly father cannot feed you with food meant for dogs, how much more your heavenly Father?

God knows, feels and understands our everyday struggles. He’s not sightless; He can perceive just how much you crave for a change and yearn to touch the hem of His garment so you can be made whole. He is the High Priest who knows your heart longs for freedom from the pains of your times of yore, the hurt ,the humiliation, the resentment and the need for settling of scores that has so enslaved the very core of your heart. He knows all about those depressive and suicidal thoughts.Yes, He does.

For the lot you have done or gone through, he promises you one thing:’ If you confess yor sins,He is faithful and just to forgive you.He will never leave you nor forsake you even when your father and mother do. ‘ Life can be uncertain but in Him, there is a plan for you. You have a hope and a prospect of a tomorrow (Jer 29:11).He’s ever so close to those who are of a broken spirit and a contrite heart. His hands of mercy, forgiveness and grace He always extends to us He wants to lead us to the path of healing, restoration and fulfillement.

Don not give up now just because life is getting the better part of you. You are the best of God and you will prevail if you do not faint. He is building you up and reinforcing your muscles for the task ahead. He is giving you a testimony because He knows, without a story, your word has little credibility.

Give life another shot, let the past be. It is spot on that you cannot bring it back or change what went wrong.But you cannot also allow it shape your now and influence your tomorrow. Lay your burdens at His feet and rest your case. Pick the pieces of the puzzles that is scattered far and wide and start putting them back together again. Build your dream. There is always a point to begin again because every end is just the start of a new beginning. It is never too late. God is God by Himself and He needs no help to exist. If He is, then He can lend you a hand, nurse you back to health and restore the lost days. There is healing for your soul. Take your life back. Don not let hard times get the best of you,make the best of your days! A gem cannot be polished without friction nor a man perfected without trials. Be of good cheer;it’s a new day! James 1:2-4
©Adja A.R Dibassey 2011


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