Hello My child,
Looking back at yesterday, you know you are not where you were.You’ve moved on and made effective progress regardless of how seemingly little it appears to you. I’ve brought you through and out of misery and pain. I’ve mercifully delivered you from the harsh consequences you deserved. I paved a way of escape when your path seemed dim and you had no idea where the next curve was leading.I stood by you as a shepherd, a guide; directed your path and caused you to suffer no lack.I put up with your mess when everyone else wouldn’t stand you but walk away.I guarantee a blessing on everything concerning you!

When everyone disdained you,I was there and boosted your self-esteem.When your back was against the wall, guess what, I was still there as your backbone.I didn’t look at your sin and closed my heart:no,all because I am just too loving and compassionate,slow to anger and abounding in so much love.
Your enemies, I caused to flee in 7 ways and their enchantments and divinations,I didn’t let it work against you.I promised I’ll never leave you nor forsake you and I’m not about going back on my word!

I specialize in repeat performances.I made it happen before;nothing can and would stand in my way now.I am able to do beyond your wildest imagination;you can’t just comprehend my ability as much as you try.I caused you to remain alive through it all before.You haven’t died,you’re still here!

Today doesn’t change the fact that I’ll still keep you. I empower you to remain above only and not under the circumstances.My grace is still available to enable you emerge a conqueror.I make it abound to you,so that always having all-sufficiency in everything;you may have abundance for every good deed. Just walk into the grace!

When last did you just take a little time to talk with me like a child would His father? My ears are wide opened you know,ever-ready to listen to what you have to utter and to take your request into consideration.I am your Father and surely my arm is not too short to save,nor my ear too dull to hear.I can move mountains;yes,I’m mighty to save.

As simple as my letter to you is,I mean every word I say and when I speak,who can reverse?Quit playing the ‘looking good outside when the inside speaks a different story’.Throw away the fake smile and allow me restore you.Stop looking for help with men;I am your help and only source,all the way! It does not cost me because you are the precious apple of my eye.

Look up to me and you won’t be dissapointed.Hope in me and you won’t be ashamed. Come unto me with your burdens,weariness,brokenness and I will give you rest.Be still and know I am God.I am with you,your refuge!
I’m here extending my loving arms to embrace and help you.I want to love you,care for you and be there for you at all times.I will always carry you through!Would you come to me?

I am God Your father and I love you!

© June 2010 Aminata.A R .Dibassey

PS:Is 59:1, Ps 23,46:10,103, Deut 28:7, 2 Cor 9:8, Mat 11:28


7 responses to “Letter from God 2 (I will always carry you through!)”

  1. Pheonie Cunningham Avatar

    Great stuff, keep writing the good news of the gospel, for it will motivate you to complete the destiny for yourself and help others to find themselves.

    1. adjaamy Avatar

      Amen!Thanks sis!Blessings!

  2. aka tyson Avatar
    aka tyson

    I believe that you have skill and a great destiny.
    You should continue with what your doing and God will put something great in your destiny. May God be on your side.. From your beloved nephew.

  3. jackline nixon hakim Avatar
    jackline nixon hakim

    i just think that u speak through the Holy Spirit and wat u say is just so inspiring. i was filled with immense joy wen i read through your msgs.
    don give up on wat u do… please keep sending more of the wordings to us.
    You’re just talented and not wastyn efforts,you already have a bright future cuz u fulfillin yub purpose here on earth.

  4. adjaamy Avatar

    Lol,Aka Tyson..Merci beaucoup mon petit..Bless you!

    Aww Jackline,I’m glad you are blessed by this and many other of the writings.Thank God for His grace that keeps me strong and enables me to grow and share love.Keep praying for me loved one…One love:-)

  5. Pheonie Cunningham Avatar

    Your fearfully and wonderfully made, keep shining the light and tell the world what a Glorious Father we have. Hallelujah!!!


    1. adjaamy Avatar

      Amen sis!Amen!

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